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Dr David L.J. Freed MB ChB MD CBiol MIBiol

14 Marston Road, Salford, Manchester, M7 4ER

Telephone/Fax : 0161-795-6225
E-mail: office@salfordallergyclinic.com

Allergies and intolerances cause misery, work-loss, family disruption, humiliation and sometimes death.

The first step to avoiding all those is to think of the possibilities.
All illnesses have causes. Perhaps the cause of my suffering is something I'm eating, drinking, breathing or touching? If so, the remedy could well be ridiculously simple, such as not consuming some specific food or drink.

Not all cases are that simple. Several factors may be required for the illness to appear. Luckily, it is not usually necessary to remove all the factors; once we bring one under control the others often cease to cause problems.

Allergy tests, whether conventional or unconventional, have only limited accuracy and quite a lot of detective work may be needed. Added to that, new methods of desensitisation have been developed within the last 30 years which are safe and effective and can often short-cut a lot of the hard work. Some of the work can be done in the home. Some requires the services of the conventional doctor, and some needs the specialist allergist.

I hope you find the information on this site useful, and that you will end up better informed, with the power to get well. Be prepared to take your illness seriously; you may have to go on unpleasant diets that upset your friends or family. You may need to set aside time for the sake of your health.
And maybe you won't need me at all.

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With great sadness we are belatedly informing you of the sudden passing of our beloved Dr David L.J. Freed founder of the clinic and compiler and author of this website. The loss to both science, medicine and us all is very great.

Since his methods are in many ways unique we decided to continue his work to the best of our abilities and to leave the website untouched in an effort to benefit patients past, present and future as much as possible.

For further information please contact the office as usual on 01617956225. If there is no answer please leave a message and we will return your call as soon as possible.

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